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  • “Kam quickly assessed my IT abilities and tailored the training accordingly. His pace and relaxed style of delivery quickly put me at my ease and suited my learning style. By the end of the session I felt really confident in using the software. The training exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend Kam for Excel training.”


    Sharon Goldie
    Director - Sharon Goldie Associates
  • “Kam is experienced and knowledgeable in his field. He is more than an ICT expert, he takes time to see the bigger picture and understand how issues impact other areas of the organisation.”


    Lisa Burton
    Corporate L&D Manager - Central Bedfordshire Council
  • “Kam is an academically and very business aware IT Professional. A logical thinker and coordinator, Kam can operate calmly under pressure even when high profile issues arise, and always remain professional throughout.”


    Mark Ferrara
    Solution Designer - Central Bedfordshire Council
  • “Kam has bent over backwards to support our IT needs, building our excellent database from scratch and carrying out numerous adaptations as we realised we needed more/different information! Kam’s support and willingness to help us build from a very small company to a SME has been invaluable and greatly appreciated.”


    Gill Boydell
    Director - 4YPUK Ltd
  • “He was extremely competent in his role, and had a professional but nurturing style. He never patronised or rushed his trainees, but ensured that each individual had a clear understanding of what he or she was being taught.  Kam also managed to combine the needs of the individual with that of the business.  He frequently suggested new and simpler ways of working, and helped employees to use their IT skills to improve both their own effectiveness, and that of the business.”


    Peter Dean
    HR Manager – ACCO UK Ltd
  • “Kam knows Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets inside out. I’ve been trained a little on spreadsheets – but a long time ago – and not in any real depth. I’d been puzzling over connecting sheets for some time. Kam solved it in less than 10 minutes and I anticipate he has saved me a lot of time in pointlessly trying to do it for myself. My message is: Don’t be a DIY amateur — let the expert solve it!”

    David Tooley
    Freelance Business Editor
  • The Database has allowed me to enter assets much more efficiently, this was an endless process of having to search on the users and book in each asset individually across a multitude of duplications, I can now simply search on the user and simply add or book back in the asset for the user in a matter of clicks.

    The reporting structure from the database is also a one click operation that will now provide accurate and professional reports from a wide range of requirements, this is now regarded as a valuable tool that not only benefits I.T but also the client facing teams and importantly the Finance team.

    The work carried out by KITT Consultancy was applied in a very professional manner, they gave us the ideas and knowledge to assist with our requirement to develop what is an outstanding database at a cost effective price compared to other database developers.

    Simon Bryant
    I.T. Systems & Support Analyst - Cosine UK Limited
  • “Kam was so helpful and was able to help me with some much needed training, which has benefited me immediately and will make a difference to my business. Thanks so much for explaining and teaching me in a professional and understanding way! I will be recommending Kam.”

    Carol-Anne McConnellogue
    Director - Ten2Two
  • “I had a one-to-one training session with Kam to help with some processes that I was struggling with.
    As a result Kam has helped me to reduce time spent on certain processes from several hours each time, to a few minutes and without the stress. Kam is a great listener, always looking for ways of helping to improve efficiency through his knowledge and expertise. I would recommend Kam to anyone that uses Microsoft Office products and would like to become more efficient.”

    Ian Abrahams
    Director - JNB Publishing


Using Microsoft Excel I created a system that will enable Maya to manage her finances and be able to identify trends in her business as to what product/services are doing well and those that are not.  Also the system will allow her to send out promotions/offers to clients in advance of their birthday.  Below is a snapshot of the main menu that is displayed when the Excel file is opened.

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