In this blog I’m going to be looking at MS Word.

How many times have you printed out a letter or document in what appears to be a single page and 2 pages print out, with the 2nd being a blank page?  You know exactly what I’m talking about!  Well the secret behind this is that you have created too many extra lines (carriage returns) on you Word document which has gone on to the second page.


When I work in MS Word I always use the Show/Hide feature, so that I can see the hidden character codes, like a new lines, tabs, page/section breaks, fields and spaces.  The Show/Hide icon can be found on the Home tab ribbon in the Paragraph group.


Also another way to see how many pages are in your document is check the bottom left of the Word window on the status bar.


You should also make it best practice to Print Preview your document on screen before sending it to print.  As what you see on screen may not be what gets printed out in some cases.

If you are using MS Word 2010 or 2013 then your print preview screen would something like this below;


So you can see from the example above that the second page is blank, you can also see the number pages in your document.  In order to get rid of the blank page, you need to go back into your document and delete the extra lines that you have created.

Remember that sometimes the paper size has an effect on the printing of the document as the paper size is different.  For example; A4 is 21cm by 29.7cm, whereas Letter is 21.59cm by 27.94cm, and Legal is 21.59cm by 35.56, all of these appear to be of the same size.  These paper formats have different print margins and therefore you may find a sentence or paragraph on the next page.

If you want to know about the quirkiness of printing out documents talk to KITT Consultancy on 0800 999 5488 and see if we can help resolve the matter.

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