A few months ago our daughter comes up to us and tells us that she wants to get married next year, we were so ecstatic and happy for them.  However, when her older brother also announces you that he too wants to get married in 2015, what do you do?  Do you jump with joy and be as ecstatic as you were for your daughter, or do you panic? Obviously we were happy for him as well.  In 2015 both our children will be getting married, one in July and the other in September.



As many people will already know that planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive.  This is our first experience as the parents and planning for 2 is getting us in a state.  I did however, suggest to our children that we could have a double wedding and save money, well that did not go down too well!  Anyhow, let’s not go down that route and start to plan for the 2 weddings, and providing equal support and effort to both children.  Sibling rivalry is already starting to show and as parents we are stuck in the middle as we want them both to a have a wedding that they want within reason.  We have one big project or is it two to plan!

If you want to know about what’s involved in a Gujarati wedding, click here.  Just one site that I visited to understand what is involved.

I could spend a lot a time going into the ins and outs of planning for the weddings, but I thought I share with you my dilemma as to what application I should use to help with this planning, it was between Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project.  Well the obvious answer was Microsoft Project, however, having recently delivered Microsoft Project to a couple of clients and informing them that I have not seen the application being used to its full potential. This made me think about using Microsoft Excel instead.

Most users of Microsoft Project only seem to use the application as it produces a visual image of tasks on a timeline in the form of a Gantt chart.  Usually in these cases there is no resource planning or any indication of costs involved with the completing the tasks. So rather than using Microsoft Project for producing a Gantt chart, I decided that I would Microsoft Excel to capture all the information we need and add as necessary.



I started off by creating an Excel workbook, and then creating worksheets for venues, caterers, photographers, clothing, guests, etc.  As enquiries are being made the appropriate worksheet is updated, so we don’t have to rely on our memory.  Once a service has been booked/engaged then the information is added to a summary worksheet that will provide us with ongoing cost information.

The knowledge of the Microsoft Office applications that I have helps me to use the appropriate application. So why not let KITT Consultancy help you to improve your knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite of applications and what each one is capable of doing and also how you can work collaboratively.

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