Last week I provided some training to a client who uses an Apple Mac laptop, who recently upgraded from Office 2008 to Office 2011.

As someone who has been a Windows user for many years, this was a challenge.  At first I thought this should be a doddle, boy was I wrong.  My Initial thoughts to supporting the client was simple, I know Office quite well and have been using the applications for many years, so it should be very much the same.

Well it was quite a challenge, in that the ribbons are slightly different and the way that Macs operate is also different.


As you can see from the above image you can see the differences.  As the Windows version got rid of the Menu bar by replacing it with Tabs, the Mac versions still has this and you can make use of both to navigate and apply the features.  I guess this is a good way of providing the transition for the user.

The change that Microsoft made when it decided to remove the Toolbars and Menus with their 2007 version of Office created quite stir and users found it difficult to find things.  So what they have done for the Mac users they should have done for Windows users.

With the client we created a number of templates for their business in the same way as you would do on a Windows system.  After a 3½ hours session I left the client happy that they have their templates and will be able to manipulate them as they see fit, for me I left frustrated because it took me that long to get these templates set-up as in Windows, we could have done the work in half the time.

The one thing that we struggled with was to find the location of the User Templates folder, unlike Windows where you can map to the locations of the folder that contain the User Templates, this folder is hidden in the Library folder.  After Googling we found the way to access the templates.


To display the Library folder

  1. Select your ‘root’ folder the one that displays your username.
  2. Hold down the Option (alt) button
  3. Click on the Go menu (while still holding the Option button)
  4. Click on the Library folder (you can now release the Option button).
  5. Click on Applications Support folder
  6. Click on Microsoft folder
  7. Click on Office folder
  8. Click on User Templates folder
  9. Click on My Templates folder

The path is /Users/home/Library/Applications Support/Microsoft/Office/User Templates/My Templates.

Now I have found a new challenge and that is to find a cheap Mac machine and familiarise myself with Office for Mac.

So if you are a Mac user and struggle with any of the Office for Mac applications give KITT Consultancy a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a 1 to 1 session.  Although we will teach you how to use the applications better, we’ll also get the opportunity learn more from you on using the Mac.

KITT Consultancy – 0800 999 5488

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