I was reading a report written by Jeff Robson (CEO of Access Analytics Solutions) – “I never knew Excel could do THAT!”

He writes about three common mistakes on how Excel is viewed by businesses:

Mistake 1: “Everyone knows Excel”

That is so, even children as old as 5 can type numbers into boxes!  Spreadsheets have been around since 1979, and still the knowledge that many of the users have is very basic.

Mistake 2: “It’s just a Spreadsheet”

Businesses that take this view, rarely look at the spreadsheet that is used daily to see what it’s doing or how they are being used.  Today everyone depends heavily on spreadsheets to run their business!

Mistake 3: “You don’t need any Controls”

Spreadsheets are outside of IT department’s control.  All IT does is keep Excel running, install new versions and provide technical support when users get stuck.  This is both a strength, because users can do stuff for themselves, and a weakness, since they are uncontrolled and typical developments standards and methods not applied.

While we can all agree 100% that spreadsheets isn’t the answer to everything, companies should not throw it out. Like the report states most users are using 5-20% (if that) of the Excel features/functions and even the ‘Certified Excel Experts’ are not using 100% of its functionality.

To download the full report CLICK HERE

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