Over the past seven days I have met new people, through networking and potential new clients, who still struggle with some of the Microsoft Office applications, mainly with Excel.  I visited a potential client to discuss Excel training and saw some of the workbooks and how they worked.  One example that I was shown was the company budget workbook.  Within the workbook there were a number of worksheets for departments and other locations.  The inputs for these worksheets were entered manually from raw data that was extracted from another system.  Each of worksheets was different as the departments did not need to know about other budget items that they have no responsibility for.  So when the individual had to compile an overall company-wide budget spend report, they would entered these manually.  The task takes approximately 2 hours.

If I was responsible for this job, the first I thing that I would do would be to change the way it was done.  Firstly, I would set up my company budget spreadsheet and then provide the departments with an exact copy, with relevant entries hidden.  By doing this I have consistency.  I would set up links on the individual worksheets with the raw data file, so the worksheets are updated automatically and then can apply the Consolidation function within Excel to produce the company wide report.  This way the task should take around 10 minutes if not less.  That is quite a chunk of time being saved and also reducing the inputting error.

I was talking with someone at a network event, who explained to me how they spend a lot of their time formatting worksheets on a regular basis and overall spends some 30 minutes doing this every week.  After understanding what they did, I informed them that by automating that routine, they would save around 25 minutes each time.  

Many of us ‘don’t know what we don’t know’ and it’s when we see something that that we like or could use, we think about either buying the product or find a way to introduce the product at low cost.  The latter is where KITT Consultancy can help and you will be surprised as to how simple some things are when you know how!  We work with you and build ‘the product’ together, so the knowledge stays within your business.

Is there something that you would like for your business or yourself then why not give KITT Consultancy a call on 0800 999 5488 or 07929 552913 and ask to speak to Kam.

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