From my own experience it is very important to back-up your important files on a regular basis as you never know what can happen. Whether you are a small business, company or home user, the last thing you want to happen is lose all your files.

Recently in the news there is a warning about the GameOver Zesu and Cryptolocker virus being released in the UK in just over a week.  According to the FBI approximately £16m has been extorted since April 2014 worldwide, from some 250,000 Cryptolocker infected computers.  For information about these viruses, visit the Get Safe Online website.

Even if you’ve taken steps to protect your computer from viruses, other potential dangers could destroy or corrupt the files it holds. A power surge, hardware failure, theft, or natural disaster could leave you without your important data or the use of your computer.

Backing up your files can help you avoid disaster. Backing up is simply making an electronic copy of files and storing that copy in a safe place. If you back up your files regularly, you can retrieve all, of your files if something happens to the originals on your computer.  I back-up on a weekly basis.

I found a useful site called wikiHow and there are some useful tips on how to back-up your device.  For many, methods 5 and 6 would be sufficient.

If backing up your files is not that important then at least visit the Get Safe Onlinewebsite and protect your finances, identity and system.

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