Over the last few weeks I have been able to provide a little bit of help to some acquaintances, which has save them time, stress and frustration.

With technology advancing at the pace it is, many of us are not able to keep up with the changes and some of us will seek help from others.  Why I hear you ask?  Well the main reason is that we don’t know what to do.  There are some who will play around and spend vast amounts of time and get there in the end, and then there are those who will just give up and do nothing. However, there are some who will ask or look for help.

Well one of my acquaintances mentioned to me in a meeting while checking that the phone was in silent mode, that their phone does not ring and they had been trying for a few days and still could not understand way (it was a fairly new phone and still finding their way round).  I just advised them that it is most probably that the ringtone volume was low.  When they checked, that was the case, did they feel a little embarrassed.  Well these kinds of things happen to the best of us all.

Many smart phones have the numerous settings for volumes, I have a Sony Xperia SP handset and it has a volume setting for ringing and also a volume setting for a ringtone.




With another acquaintance, they asked about comparing some data and highlighting information that did not appear on one of the data tables.  Well this was simple for me.  Within a few minutes for 2 reports to be produced from QuickBooks, added to 2 individual worksheets in an Excel workbook.  I advised them on the formula that they needed to write to get the results they wanted.  He was so well impressed and was able to filter the necessary information they wanted.  He told me that he stopped doing this a couple years ago as it too long to compare the results manually, but now will be able using this formula from now on.  He asked if the #N/A could be replaced with some text, and I said you just need to add an IF statement to the formula, which I showed them how to write that into the formula.


The moral of this is that you never know what someone knows and how they could help you to achieve a goal.  KITT Consultancy is one such business that can help you with saving time and improving efficiencies through tailored training and or providing custom solutions using Microsoft Office applications such as Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.  You will be amazed at what the Office applications are capable of doing.  Call KITT Consultancy today to see how we can help you.

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